Youth Ministry L.I.F.E.

Our Name
L: Loved in Christ
I: Identified in Christ
F: Have Faith in Christ
E: Serve in Excellence for Christ

Our Mission
To be a place where youth can find love, identity and faith in Christ while working in excellence in the Church and in the community.

Our Vision
We envision a youth that is passionate about servicing God and the community by learning the importance of developing relationships with God, self and others.

Theme of the Year

Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord.

Romans 12:11

Sub themes

  • Identify who we are in Christ and our purpose.
  • Stand for our faith and values.
  • Set forth a journey to fulfill our destiny in Christ.


I. To guide the youth into a deeper relationship with God

We will achieve this by having intentional bible teachings about why we serve God, prayer and the importance of relationships weekly or biweekly when FLI program is in effect. Also by having monthly youth services were the youth can worship God in their level and preferred language.

II. To develop a strong group of leaders and volunteers

We will achieve this by establishing a mentoring and discipleship approach towards youth and young adults that reflect a heart for leadership. Also by having more parent involvement to volunteer for youth activities.

III. To establish a self-sufficient youth worship team

We will achieve this by giving opportunity for the youth to lead worship before bible teachings and also in the youth services.

IV. To establish a solid program of community involvement & missions

We will achieve this by providing opportunities to volunteer in feeding the homeless (Degage, God’s Kitchen, Feeding America). Opportunities to volunteer building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Opportunities to go to the missions by having a yearly mission’s trip.


I. Youth Group Meetings

  • Weekly or biweekly (when FLI in effect) bible studies on Wednesdays
  • Monthly youth services the first Friday of every month depending on the church calendar
  • Quarterly just for fun events

II. Evangelistic Approach

  • 13 Initiative
  • Church Carnival
  • Church of God Youth Camp
  • Church of God Youth Conference
  • Missions Trip to Guatemala

III. Creative Arts

  • Live Performance Plays

IV. Community Volunteering

  • Feeding the homeless
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Assist in building one home