Our Leadership

Rev. Julián Guzmán is an ordained minister of Church of God-Anderson, IN-in Michigan. He is the lead pastor at Iglesia Vida Plena (Wyoming, MI) and the director of the Urban Church Leadership Center in Grand Rapids. He has held many leadership positions in the church throughout the years; including the elected bishop overseeing Hispanic congregations in four states. He was a geologist in the Dominican Republic and a seasoned businessman in the construction and insurance industries in Michigan. He has two Master of Arts degrees in ministry fields from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary/Cornerstone University and is a Doctor of Ministry candidate at Western Theological Seminary. As the lead teaching pastor, his gifts are revealed in the classroom where he brings a passion for deeper understanding of God’s character through the teaching ministry of the church. He emphasizes a Christ-centered and a contextualized healthy ministry.

Marina (Lily), his wife has Certificate in Hispanic Ministry from Calvin Theological Seminary and currently completing studies in Family Practice, also at CTS. Lily brings a true passion for the Lord; clearly reflected in her devotion to serve families and couples.

They have three children (Marleny 35, Julián Jr. 29, and Casandra 24) and four grandchildren (Daniel 13, Diego 8, Dylan 4, and Camila under 1).     

Edwyn and Aridia are the associate pastors at Iglesia Vida Plena (Wyoming, MI). They have served the Lord in different capacities throughout the years. Both of them have certificates in Hispanic Ministry at Calvin Theological Seminary and currently completing studies in Family Practice also at CTS. Edwyn has accumulated vast experience in the construction industry, currently a manager at Bouma Corporation.

Their gifts are revealed in their passion to worship the Lord with their voices and their lives. Edwyn inspires with his musical talents (piano & bass) and currently leads the worship team at IVP.

Together they have two daughters (Samantha 19 & Coralys 18) who are currently the leading voices of IVP worship team and both pursuing Phycology and Nursing careers respectively at Cornerstone University.  


  • Ramón M. Guzmán
  • Ynés V. Guzmán
  • Anisabel Núñez (Lead Deacon)
  • Ignacio Núñez
  • Adalgisa Peña
  • Martín Ocón
  • Liz Ocón

Elders Board

  • Rev. Julián Guzmán (Chairman)
  • Marina (Lily) Guzmán
  • Anisabel Núñez
  • Adalgisa Peña
  • Ninoska Guzmán
  • Edwyn Guzmán
  • Aridia Guzmán.

Worship Ministry

  • Edwyn Guzmán (Team leader/voice, piano, and base)
  • Juan Ruiz (Guitar)
  • Aridia Guzmán (Voice)
  • Adalgisa Peña (Voice)
  • Coralys Guzmán (Leading voice/piano, guitar)
  • Samantha Guzmán (Voice/slides/translation/piano)
  • Julián Guzmán Jr. (Drums)
  • Jonathan (Drums)

Children’s Ministry Leaders:

  • Liz & Martín Ocón

Liz has accumulated a great experience working with children and youth in prior ministry setting in Mexico. She brings a heart to disciple young lives and develop leaders in them. Along with her husband Martín, she contributes greatly to the effective planning, organization, and development of other expressions of the ministry; such as arts (drama/painting).

Support Team:

Ages 0 – 4

  • Araceli Alcalá
  • Deysi Cos
  • Casandra Guzmán
  • Melissa Monegro
  • Liz Ocón
  • Sandra Barahona
  • Fabiola Moya
  • Ignacio Núñez Jr. (Captain Group “D”)

Ages 5 – 7

  • Coralys Guzmán
  • Angie DelaRosa
  • Aimee
  • María Mason
  • Ninoska Guzmán
  • Aridia Guzmán
  • Daniel Correa
  • Ariana Correa

Ages 8 – 11

  • Grecia Núñez (Captain Group “A”)
  • Enrique Núñez
  • Kirsi E. Salas (Captain Group “B”
  • Sabrina Cepeda
  • Hannah Ruiz (Captain Group “C”)
  • Nicole Mason
  • Patricio (Kiko) Pérez
  • Daiana Pérez

Family Leadership Initiative (FLI)

  • Site Coordinator: Antonio & Mireya Correa
  • Administrative Assistants: Daniel & Ariana Correa
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Patricio Cepeda

Youth Ministry

Women’s Ministry